Oiled Wildlife First Responder Basic Training – March 17th

The “Oiled Wildlife Society of BC”:http://www.oiledwildlifesociety.com/ and the “Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Network of BC”:http://www.wrnbc.org/ are happy to announce the Oiled Wildlife First Responder Basic Training course scheduled for March 16th 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Your participation in this training is a key step to ensuring the highest wildlife survival rate possible during an oil spill…

Education Bursary Offered by the Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Network of BC

The Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Network of BC is seeking applicants for their annual education bursary. Eligibility requirements are: * Resident of British Columbia * Post-secondary student pursuing a course of study in areas that benefit wildlife * Experience at a wildlife rehabilitation facility. The application deadline is January 30th. For more information, please click “here”:http://www.wrnbc.org/the-network/bursary/.